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With Dynamically Defined Defense™ (3D).
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Theta432 AI Cyber SOC
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Theta432 Award Hot Company Phoenix
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Dynamically Defined Defense™ Because No Two Networks Are Alike

What does it take to make a network defensible? Adaptability, Knowledge, Experience, Grit, Hard-work and Determination!
Advanced Cyber Defense Services in-house, embedded, or remote, THETA432 unites it's highly capable well experienced analysts that are well versed in the art of intrusion analysis. We are tool agnostic because we feel experience and knowledge supersedes a tool-centric approach. Dynamically defined defense is the ability to assess a network and protect it where you need it the most prioritizing the attack surface.
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"The average cost of a data breach in the US is 7.9 million dollars"
"Cybersecurity breaches to result in over 146 billion records being stolen by 2023."
"95% of data breaches start with phishing emails"
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