Incident response is your alerting system that lets you know that more nefarious activities are occurring on your network. With web3, NFT, Blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies and exchanges continuously are compromised or breached can go on for months with out you knowing. With the advent of Office 365 and Business email compromise intruders can read your email, VPN into your network, use you as a victim for their intended target, but how would you know?  We can show you how to prevent, protect and respond to such intrusions. Ask us about utilizing THETA432's METASECURITY™

Systematically gain visibility into the full incident.

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METASECURITY™ Event Analysis

Every system outputs logs that tell you what is happening, millions to billions of logs. The goal is to find the bad in the hay stack. By surfacing the anomollous behavior we can identify unknown bad on your stack and escalate this into useful alerts

METASECURITY™ Alert Analysis

Once we identify these alerts that meet the threshold of anomalous activity we provide your team with this actionable information to or we can take action to identify the underlying cause of such behavior.

Compromise or Breach

Under these circumstances we work with you to identify the best course of action to begin isolating the incident from expanding within your network and shutting out intruders.

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Whether you are looking for embedded analysts with deep understanding of intrusion analysis to help contain an incident, or a full team with various specialties we provide a full suite of ongoing cyber defense services, we offer one of the most comprehensive incident response services bringing deep visibility into intrusions.

Incident Response and SOC as a Service is provided by our dedicated world class Threat Operation Center trained in advanced threat defense strategies. Incident Response, Cyber Threat Intelligence (a process and product) and proactive Cyber Threat Hunting, bridging the barriers and gaps that exist on your network.

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METASECURITY™ Blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Security

Endpoint Ecosystem prevention and detection

Advanced Reporting, Metrics and KPIs so you know where your investment goes

Network Security Monitoring

Employee Theft / Employee Fraud

Executive Cyber Defense Architectures

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