Alleged sale of information from the electoral register of the National Electoral Institute of Mexico on the black market

July 20, 2021

The bad news did not wait. The National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE) confirmed that on July 14, the Executive Directorate of the Federal Electoral Registry detected a forum dedicated to the sale of information obtained illegally associated with the electoral roll.

From the revealed structure, data identified could correspond to those of the electoral roll: "It could, instead, be a 2018 information cut, and investigated since April 2020."

The Institute filed a complaint with the Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes (FEDE) for access and misuse of data in May 2020.

According to preliminary investigations, it could be the same case since last year without determining any responsibility until now. Could be treated

René Miranda (Executive Director of the Federal Register of Voters) said that the data coincide with a database with information from the Electoral Register. Although there is no certainty that it is complete.

In a statement, the INE gave a visit to the Internal Control Body, the Contentious Technical Unit, and the Executive Directorate of Administration to work on their investigation and, where appropriate, establish administrative, electoral, or labor responsibility to whoever is responsible if the data they are in effect from the electoral roll.

If so, this would be the second time that the personal data of millions of people are offered publicly, such as full names, addresses, voter codes, and CURPs (Population IDs).

Final notes

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Authored by

Jorge Daniel Tejeda