How to erase your digital fingerprint without a trace

October 1, 2021

When visiting a website, the latter collect information through cookies on the browser of your phone, tablet, or computer, for example, the IP address, access data, and other data that they reveal about themselves.

So that nobody and nothing can find hidden data from the past or use current information for fraudulent purposes, here are some to erase our fingerprints:

  1. Go back: think about what people can find about us in search engines.
  2. Public data cleaning: ask real estate websites, dating websites, or old social networks to remove all your personal information.
  3. Review accounts: Take a different look at old accounts and old posts and remove that content.
  4. Archive and delete: close, edit, and delete negative publications that do not benefit our current image. Preferably, it is best never to post negative posts from the beginning.
  5. Adjust privacy settings: Review the configuration parameters in the browser and mobile apps. And limit the exposure of personal data.
  6. Clear browser history: Clean it regularly. After that, the browser to be faster.
  7. Check Phone: Clean up digital junk from our phones like old text messages, cookies, images, and browser history data.
  8. Clean up your computer: remove temporary files, duplicates, "deleted" information and low-resolution photos that can slow down your device.
  9. Take others into account: think about the others when posting content such as photos, ideas, etcetera when tagged and ask for their permission.

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Authored by
Jorge Daniel Tejeda