Importance of Creating Awareness about Cybersecurity

June 27, 2020

Companies constantly collect and store huge amounts of data such as invoices, sensitive employee files, customer credit card information, contracts and more. In fact, most businesses surely store important and confidential data that must be protected and encrypted to avoid any type of threat.

Regardless of the importance of the above, it is surprising to realize that many individuals and corporations are unaware of the threats their networks face and the risks they pose. This is an interconnected world, with lot of IoT in place, almost everything and anything is connected, and cyber attackers are constantly seeking what to strike. Mindsets and practices must change; companies should keep in mind that end users (their employees) are considered one of the weakest links and main vulnerabilities of a network. Understanding the effects cyber attacks could cause is essential, since there is no point in improving cybersecurity efforts if employees are not educated on how to avoid current risks.

Human capital is considered one of the fastest access to a network, since employees easily fall prey to attackers’ tricks, such as clicking links containing malware, giving confidential information through emails or phone, and falling for phishing or social engineering. An employee's lack of experience, knowledge, or malice could lead to unfortunate data breaches that could result in the loss of contracts, compromised operating systems, discredit, and large amounts of stress.

Trained employees will have the ability to identify these types of attacks and therefore learn how to avoid them. When they are properly trained and continuously motivated about cybersecurity best practices, they can be your best defense. Cybersecurity is not the sole responsibility of a company’s IT security team, but a responsibility shared among all employees. As simple as it sounds, many organizations face different kinds of challenges when trying to train their workforce in cybersecurity awareness simply because training on this topic is not one of their core activities.

In these scenarios, hiring a cybersecurity firm could be the best option. Their capabilities, tools and efforts will protect companies’ clients, customers and employees´ information while ensuring their team is fully trained and ready to avoid being victimized by attackers.

Getting the staff interested in cybersecurity is a tough task. Companies must be creative enough to get their teams trained and motivated about cyber awareness. Here are some important aspects companies should consider when implementing cybersecurity awareness programs:

  1. Use multifactor authentication.
  2. Use strong passwords with a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters.
  3. Change passwords periodically.
  4. Never open unknown attachments or links.
  5. Reinforce credentials and access to data.
  6. Update software.
  7. Backup Data.

Security awareness and training is one of the most proactive ways to see how your employees perform in real-life simulations. THETA432 performs Advanced Virtual Attacks on your user groups and provides detailed metrics on who clicked, when and how, allowing you to identify the source and train employees to recognize various attacks before it is too late. Click here to learn more.

Authored by

Basheer Ahmed Khan

Theta432 Director of Operations, India