Malware in Discord

July 29, 2021

Nowadays, it's common to read about malware operating on devices to steal sensitive information. This time, the Discord chat app is not exempt from it.

You are currently experiencing a malware problem. Recent reports point to an increase in the number of malware detections compared to last year, with an estimated growth of 140 times.

Alarming fact

"9,500 URLs were detected on Discord's CDN as malicious in April alone. Within the next months, the number has skyrocketed to 17,000 URLs." - CyberSecurity News.

How is the operation of this malware

Cybercriminals use the CDN and API as ways to break into the attack. The CDN is used for malware storage, while the API allows to filter data and facilitate command and control.

A cybercriminal can with this type of attack:

  • Block gaming sessions with authority.
  • Steal information
  • Install trojans via remote access.

At the core of this problem are Discord servers, Google Elixir Erlang virtual machines with Cloudfare, and open-ended where anyone can log in and do/undo as they please.

Discord is very popular among PC and console users, especially children who are ignorant or have little or no computer skills.

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Authored by

Jorge Daniel Tejeda