Myths about the Cloud in 2022

August 4, 2022

The main concerns that the technological leap to the cloud still generates leave open the myths that surround it, let's see what they are.

Myth of precipitation

Enterprise software is being transformed by the constant pressure on organizations to rapidly digitize all areas of the business. Many see the cloud itself and data migration as a complex process and feel extra pressure “if I am not in the cloud, I am not going to be competitive, and being in the cloud is going to be an arduous and complex task”. Here the key is in the choice of the provider, because the reality is that the formulas offered by the cloud currently allow access to great technologies without the need for complex developments, without worrying about maintenance, updates, and, in fact, simplifying the tasks of integration.

Likewise, thanks to the new cloud modalities, companies can relieve pressure by starting little by little, using the necessary resources and expanding capacities at the right time. The cloud is nothing more than an element that relieves pressure on the digitization process and its projection for the future.

Myth of personalization

Many companies think that, for example, under the umbrella of a SaaS model they will obtain a closed solution, a package similar to that of other companies. But this is not the case, it has changed substantially in recent years and customization is one more value that must be sought in the offer of market providers. The important thing is that organizations know that increasing the flexibility of solutions and platforms in the cloud, with greater customization capabilities, is already a key trend and where much of the competitiveness and current cloud offer is focused.

Security myth

Experts keep insisting: the cloud can be much more secure than your own data center. The investments of the industry in this type of systems increase annually and the innovations and improvements of cloud technology leave no room for doubt. Aspects such as continuous updating or integrated compliance management in the solutions support that they are not only very secure solutions, but also help implement standards and other regulations in areas such as data protection.

Size myth

A part of the business fabric continues to perceive that the number of employees or the number of years of experience in the market are something relevant when dealing with the cloud. The reality is that, if the cloud is characterized by something, it is by favoring flexible models that allow companies of more modest sizes to fully digitize themselves and enjoy great capacities or technological functionalities, while reducing their costs.

Myth of accessibility

Compatibility, integration or accessibility to information or data are other major concerns in the minds of companies when they make the leap to the cloud. The availability of information is guaranteed and, furthermore, protected by automatic updates so that everything is much more controllable. Companies must begin to see the cloud as a possibility to stay one step ahead of their competitors, measuring and adjusting their technology in the face of any type of disruptive change.


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Authored by

Jorge Daniel Tejeda