Olympus, a victim of ransomware

September 30, 2021

The cyber-world does not rest from attacks and less from ransomware. This time, we talk about the Japanese company Olympus.

This attack was perpetrated on September 8 by the reports obtained. The company made it obvious four days later, on Sunday 12.

The BlackMatter group is presumed to be behind this incident, which left a ransom note on infected computers saying the following: "Your network is encrypted and is not currently operating. If you pay, we will provide you with the programs to decrypt it."

Actions implemented:

The company began the respective work to determine its scope.

As a result, the company announced that data transfers have been temporarily suspended.

During the pandemic, a dramatic increase can be seen. Incidents caused by ransomware put the attitudes of water companies, Internet services, electricity companies, etc., at risk.

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Authored by
Jorge Daniel Tejeda