QR codes as a means of cyber threats

October 7, 2021

The world has undergone a crucial transformation in these times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, companies have adopted technological instruments to correct problems caused by this global contingency.

Some of these technological means are QR codes, whose use has grown exponentially in recent months. An interesting fact from this issue is that 86% of mobile users have downloaded them. However, 34% do not take safety into account when handling them.

What are the risks that may arise?

Experts warn that users should be aware when they click on a link that could direct to phishing through malicious websites.

They add that you have to take extreme precautions on the Internet for criminals connected to it.

As users mostly use them on smartphones, QR codes turn out to be access doors to stored information, initiate malware downloads (banking Trojans, etc.), and make payments.

All of the above makes us conclude that it is essential to look for security tools to prevent unnecessary incidents due to ignorance of the risks involved in using QR codes.

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Authored by
Jorge Daniel Tejeda