Reflection on Cybersecurity: Resolutions for 2021

December 31, 2020

2020 will be remembered as a singularly disruptive year, not only for the global pandemic but for what it brought with it. The digital transformation was inevitable, telecommuting was almost forcibly implemented, people started to spend even more time than before on the internet, cyberattacks began to increase, security events exploded, and cyber incidents challenged our lives in many ways.

This year, IT and security professionals struggled to respond rapidly to the changing environment as bad actors did. Attacks such as data breaches, software vulnerabilities, malware, phishing, and ransomware were the most frequent unsurprisingly. Companies and people were found even more vulnerable by the sudden shift to remote working and by the adjustments made to adapt to the new normality.

Businesses should start implementing short, medium, and long-term measures to prioritize their data protection, reputation, and overall security. Attacks will not cease, so implementing new technological engineering alternatives and sophisticated computing to face risks will be fundamental for 2021.

All the above must go hand in hand with cybersecurity since adopting complete security plans will avoid any mishaps to occur. If companies understood the importance of managing a protection, training, and education plan, their data would not face trial.

This year, many business problems were due to administrative and security deficiencies that exposed the privacy and integrity of users. A recent example arose after an unfortunate event that occurred in the United States networks of the most important government institutions and whose responsibility is attributed to a foreign group for espionage purposes from one national entity to another, compromising names of many corporations and one cybersecurity company.

Another issue addressed this year was the proposal of a cybersecurity law in Mexico that still requires attention and work. Let us remember that information security is a human right, and companies and governments must implement measures to ensure that it is respected. This cybersecurity law needs a well-developed and well-thought out legal and constitutional appendix. This topic will surely be one that we will address next year.

The advocacy for a complete, fair cyber-education and cyberculture to avoid catastrophes is reiterated and should be implemented within the lowest to the highest curricula. It is critical to emphasize that new experts must rise to join veterans to build stronger and more capable teams.

In 2020, companies faced titanic challenges, showing that security measures are needed to adapt to the new reality. Experts' creativity, research, and hard work will go a long way in the coming year to help companies understand threats and how to phase them.

Could it be that this year taught us everything we need to know to avoid risks for 2021? That answer solely depends on you. One thing is for sure:  cyberattacks will not stop, and you must take action to protect your data even more. Mexico, the United States, and all regions of the world must pay special attention to new cyber events and know everything that this field encompasses so upcoming issues are assimilated and phased as best as possible.

THETA432 hopes more companies will be encouraged to enhance the security of their confidential information through state-of-the-art methods, without neglecting training and already known theory. We are sure that many surprises await us next year and that new threats will appear along the way. Our response capability tools assure protection for your data, systems, networks, and devices. We will help you exterminate attacks from the inside out.

Start the new year on the right foot and act! Need assistance? Contact us to undertake effective security management against any threat that puts your company at risk. We are here to help and are the best option!