So important to protect your friends and Internet

August 9, 2022

The mistakes we make in personal accounts and profiles can have a direct impact on our closest contacts.

A few months ago, around Christmas, many users were victims of a cyber attack through WhatsApp. Cybercriminals stole WhatsApp accounts through a method in which they gained the victim's trust by usurping the identity of one of the victim's contacts. One of the biggest problems with this specific phishing is that practically everyone uses this instant messaging system to communicate on a daily basis, so the theft of an account can lead to the infection or attack of many other Internet users.

We must bear in mind that when our credentials or data are stolen, they are not only damaging us, but also all the contacts we have. For this reason, we want to alert the danger that a cybercriminal gains access to the platforms implies for the people who are most loved, and services.

It must be kept in mind at all times that attackers will take advantage of any security breach to access the personal data of possible victims and if they achieve this goal they can steal the information of the closest contacts. For example, if an Internet user falls for a phishing cyberattack that arrives by mail and requests a password reset when entering private data, that email (as well as other platforms where the identification has the same username and password) will be compromised. . But not only that, but also the contacts that we have stored in it and they can become victims.

The same thing happens if they manage to carry out a SIM swapping, a technique through which, through a phishing attack, they obtain the personal data of a user to duplicate a mobile card and thus be able to have the victim's WhatsApp account on another device . If this happens, all the contacts on the phone in question will be at risk of cybercriminals carrying out a financial theft or extracting credentials from them as well so they can be attacked via ransomware or phishing.

The best way to protect not only yourself, but also friends and family, is to create strong passwords (avoid the classic “123456” or “user” combining symbols, numbers and letters) and using different passwords for each platform you use. we use, in order to avoid any type of cascading cyberattack. In addition, it is also convenient to change them periodically. Finally, it is essential not to click on unknown links, or enter personal data on pages that are not the official ones.

With these simple tips and keeping the software, both the applications and the devices updated, it will be easier to avoid being attacked and you will also be protecting those close to you so that, due to unintentional errors, they are victims of malware attacks or cyber scams.


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Authored by

Jorge Daniel Tejeda