The Royal House of Ukraine is a victim of the hacking of its social networks

March 22, 2022

Today, anyone can be a victim of a hack: an ordinary citizen, a large company, an SME or even the Royal House of a country. In fact, this past weekend we witnessed a cyberattack on the account that the Spanish Royal House has on Twitter.

The hack, whose origin is unknown, was aimed at manipulating the social profile to, curiously, follow the account of the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski. At this point, it is not necessary to mention the conflict between the aforementioned country and Russia, its neighbor.

A conflict that has lasted three weeks, and has caused destruction, exodus of Ukrainian citizens, and deaths on both sides, both civilians and soldiers. In addition, it has generated an increase in cyber attacks.

Despite the hack, it has not lasted long as the intrusion was detected in a short space of time. After discovering it, it was corrected and the account returned to normal. Zarzuela sources were in charge of confirming the hacking of the account; also of the subsequent rectification.

Although it is true that the position of certain organizations is clear, care must be taken with the movements, publications or declarations that are made. Any slip could cause a worsening of the current situation at the commercial level, which is not exactly positive.

Additional note

The war between Ukraine and Russia has made the leap into cyberspace. The fight no longer takes place on land, sea or air, but also on the networks.

If the country in question is immersed in a war, the situation could be unsustainable. Not only the credibility of a government and its administrations is undermined, but also the morale of a citizenry, due to the inability of its leaders to face the situation.

Authored by

Jorge Daniel Tejeda