Triad: A new malware that affects FM WhatsApp users

September 10, 2021

As popular as WhatsApp is, it's in the eye of the hurricane among criminals who do not hesitate to take advantage.

This time, a new Trojan malware called "Triad" affects users who downloaded FM WhatsApp.

What problems can Triad a cause?

  1. Generates publicity and subscribes the affected user to payment services.
  2. Collect personal information.
  3. It's difficult to control and eliminate, so it would be necessary to look for advanced specialists to kill it.

Relevant facts:

  1. "Mexico is the country most affected by this malware." - CyberSecurity News
  2. "Reports show that 2,500 people have been affected." - CyberSecurity News


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Authored by:
Jorge Daniel Tejeda