Hybrid, Remote or On-Sight Monitoring

Gain deeper visibility into your network. Understand what is traversing your network and why. Lock down applications that are not supposed to be on your network, prevent rogue apps from being installed with THETA432 ZERO Services. We show you how to prevent unnecessary risk into your organization and monitor it.

Comprehensive visibility into your security stack and how to tighten the configurations for more control and visibility into intrusion.

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Gain Complete Visibility

Promptly gain insight into what is traversing your network and whats moving.

Behavioral Visibility

Fast behavioral analysis  techniques provide insight into network behavior and anomalies.

Ascertain Host Based Visibility

Host based monitoring in conjunction with network monitoring gives you deeper visibility into your network ans provides more than just data points, it provides context into actions on objectives.

How It Works

Stay Protected With 24/7 Remote Monitoring
THETA432’s Threat Operation Center utilizes the latest in security tracking technology to analyze traffic, identify threats and instantly receive alerts regarding the status of your company’s security. Our cyber security specialists maintain a constant watch over your IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your daily operations without disruption.

Immediate Threat Response from the moment that our team identify a threat or vulnerability in your network, they set in place a variety of protocols to protect and eliminate any breaches of security.  Our specialists are trained to have your systems up and running as quickly as possible, so that your information is secure and your networks available for use.

Any cyber security breach can cause your business hours of downtime that costs you money, time and resources.

Contact THETA432 today to discuss how our remote monitoring keeps your network safe 365 days per year.

We Provide

Remote Monitoring and Response Services

Dedicated Analysis On-Site / in SOC

Advanced Threat Targeting

Network and Infrastructure Risk Diagnosis

Prepare Against Cyber Attacks!

A stronger defense is an investment in peace.
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